•  Hosting:
Hosting is free for the first year.
After the initial free year:
1 YEAR: $48.00 - $4.00/month
2 YEARS: $84.00 - $3.50/month
•  Domain Registration:
Domain Registration is free for the first year*.
After the initial free year:
•  Payment options:
Personal check or venmo.
To start the process:
•  Complete and submit our contact form. Be sure to provide a valid email address.
•  Decide on a name for your web site (domain name). If you haven't yet registered your domain name, and you purchase a hosting plan with us, we will register it for free*, for the first year. If you already have your domain name, it will need to be transferred.
•  Provide your content for each of the rows. The preferred way to do this is to email all content to me, and list where you want it displayed.
HEADER: (logo), (Links - Home, About Us, Projects, Contact Us), (Contact info -
ROW 1: (Welcome to my web site:), (Working with me, you will always...)
ROW 2: (Why Should You Work With Me?), (With all of the 'Make Your Web Site...)
ROW 3: etc...
•  You can also display videos by by providing their embed links or video files. There may a limit to the number of videos you can post but this will be determined before design begins.
After receiving your content, I will create a first round draft and send you a link to it. We will work back and forth until you are 100% satisfied with the design. Your new web site will go live upon your approval and after payment is received.
NOTE: The time it takes to complete your new web site is based in large part on how quickly I receive the items listed.
The site theme - text colors, font styles, images and backgrounds will all be changed to your liking but the basic design layout cannot be altered without a new quote being assessed.
*Domain registration pricing applies to non-premium domains only.