•  Hosting:
Hosting is free for the first year.
After the initial free year:
1 YEAR: $48.00 - $4.00/month
2 YEARS: $84.00 - $3.50/month
•  Domain Registration:
Domain Registration is free for the first year*.
After the initial free year:
•  Payment options:
Personal check or venmo.
To start the process:
•  Complete and submit our contact form. Be sure to provide a valid email address.
•  Decide on a name for your web site (domain name). If you haven't yet registered your domain name, and you purchase a hosting plan with us, we will register it for free, for the first year. If you already have your domain name, it will need to be transferred.
•  Provide your content for each of the rows. The preferred way to do this is to email all content to me, and list where you want it displayed.
HEADER: (logo), (Links - Home, About Us, Projects, Contact Us), (Contact info -
ROW 1: (Welcome to my web site:), (Working with me, you will always...)
ROW 2: (Why Should You Work With Me?), (With all of the 'Make Your Web Site...)
ROW 3: etc...
•  For the slide show you will need five large pictures of at least 1900 pixels in width. Smaller pictures can be used but is not recommended because they may not be optimal for displaying across the entire width of the page. If you prefer you can replace the slide show with one static picture.
•   You'll also need one picture for each of the three parallax scrolling sections. If you prefer, the background pictures can be replaced by a background color for any or all sections.
•  You can also display videos by by providing their embed links or video files. There may a limit to the number of videos you can post but this will be determined before design begins.
After receiving your content, I will create a first round draft and send you a link to it. We will work back and forth until you are 100% satisfied with the design. Your new web site will go live upon your approval and after payment is received.
NOTE: The time it takes to complete your new web site is based in large part on how quickly I receive the items listed.
The site theme - text colors, font styles, images and backgrounds will all be changed to your liking but the basic design layout cannot be altered without a new quote being assessed.
*Domain registration pricing applies to non-premium domains only.