Welcome, we make bone guitar slides. As a matter of fact we have sold BonerZ Slide all over the world. Denmark,United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Norway, Sweden, The bone slide has been around for quite some time...Delta blues man King Solomon Hill, Fred Mcdowell, being the first ones recorded. The problem with bone guitar slides is simple. THEY HAVEN'T BEEN AVAILABLE UNTIL NOW!

Bone guitar slides are very difficult to make, that's why nobody else does it. My many, many years of working as a tool maker, has gave me the skills to make these for you, to share the gift of music and to keep the spirit alive!!! These are perfect works of industrial art at its finest!

I first came up with the idea when I read an article in a 1988 Guitar Player interview. Ry Cooder was asked the question "Have you ever experimented with brass or chrome slides?" He answers back "Don't like the sound of them, sounds awful. Glass on steel strings sounds a certain way. Steel on steel cancels out so much but it makes a more direct note. It's a more penetrating note that is less harmonic, less textural but it is louder. If you're playing your Les Paul and have your brass slide, you're gonna sound a certain way - like a truck horn. It's kind of interesting, But you can get the same sound I found with a glass slide by equalizing and what that meant to me was that certain harmonic values were being canceled out. I'll tell you a beautiful sound is bone which is an old blues technique-polished bone like a cow leg bone. Whew! That's pretty because it is soft, harmonic and the note doesn't have a center at all. Very spooky, bone gives slide guitar an almost Oriental sound" That is when I made my first BonerZ slide.